The Story of Brad & Steve's Mac & Chees Farm

The day was cold and rainy, and the only thing to do was to stay inside.

Brad missed being outside, helping out on the farm, and seeing his pals. 

Most of all Brad felt lonely.

Steve knew exactly what his friend was feeling, and he had an idea to make everyone smile and feel happy. 

He got an umbrella and ventured into the fields to pick a few perfectly ripe macaroni.  He then threw a bucket into the magical cheese pond and tasted the batch. 

It was just right! 

Back in the kitchen Steve mixed Brad’s favorite golden cheese into a bowl, he added the newly harvested macaroni, turned on the oven and soon the whole house smelled warm and cozy.

Brad crept into the kitchen just as Steve put on his oven mitts to check on the “ooey gooey” masterpiece. 

“Steve…Mac and Cheese…if you please!” screamed Brad.

 “You always know exactly what I need. Thank you. You’re a great friend.”

As Brad dug into his bowl of steaming warm comfort, Steve reminded him to,“Slow down and breathe.”

Steve was silent for a moment as he contemplated a great big, gigantic thought and then exclaimed, “I have an idea. Maybe our neighbors would like some trays of Mac and Cheese of their very own. We could deliver to their doorstep and all they would need to do is heat and eat.”

Brad loved the idea and said, “And then, their homes will smell all cozy until the rain stops, and we can all go outside and be together again.” 

Brad & Steve delivered Mac and Cheese to their neighbor Ms. Catherine. Later in the day they got a note on their phone from her that said, “Dear Brad and Steve...this Mac and Cheese is friggin’ delicious!” 

And so it was, and so it is, and so it will remain… 

Brad and Steve's Mac and Cheese

 Friggin delicious!