Dill Pickle


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I don't know a lot of folk who are pickle-neutral. You either love the pickle pucker or you stay far, far, away from my Dill Pickle chips! To all my pickle haters: I've got 8 other flavors of JOE CHIPS for you! But if you're a pickle lover like me and want to rock your taste buds with the pickliest of the pickliest kettle cooked potato chips, crack this bag open an CRUNCH SOME!

JOE TEA ® getting into the potato business is far less crazy than it sounds . . . You see, my whole family - Grandfather, Grand-Uncles and Father - were all potato men. I wanted to be different and went into the Tea business. Then one day a potato chip guy called and said I want to buy your Tea Company and sell JOE TEA ® with my chips. I thought to myself- That's a GREAT idea!" But, instead of selling out we said Heat up the Kettles because JOE CHIPS ® are Cooking™!

We start with select potatoes and a very, very hot kettle. Then, we hand cook one batch of JOE CHIPS ® at a time (just the right amount of time) using all natural ingredients. This ensures the crunchiest of chips and the gnarliest of looks. And if by chance these chips make you a little thirsty . . . wash them down with some JOE TEA ®!


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